This is BlackGround


Start with language steeped in racist rhetoric. From it we will discover redemptive roots key to recreation.


Remove the racist rhetoric from its structure, so that the language can stretch out, lengthen; so its message can be mined for something more.


Watch for words among the rhetoric that still bear witness to the truth. They are the genesis, the regeneration we are working for.


Blackout all that remains broken so the seeds can be seen, framed within a new narrative and grown with more to gain.


Behold the beauty within all the black.

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JustUs for Dred

"For the future, we will not be divided"

JustUs for Dred

"establish beyond question"

JustUs for Dred

"be called be kept be held by the free"

JustUs for Dred

"no doubt we shall be"

JustUs for Dred

"God hath made of one blood"

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A new way of seeing the agency, healing and beauty that can bloom from the language lining our nation's roots...
A home for art meant and made to dig deep, to discover and depict the roots among language, nature and mankind.
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